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So is interacting indiscriminately with a lot of unknown people online4.Youth should be very cautious about how they respond to people who contact them.Four percent of youth in the YISS survey said they got requests from online solicitors to take and send sexual pictures of themselves1.

In most encounters, victims meet offenders voluntarily and expect sexual activity, because they feel love or affection for the person they have been corresponding with.It is important that people not discount the criminality of offenses where the youth participated voluntarily in sex or in initiating or concealing a relationship.Statutory sex crime laws in every state recognize the exploitative imbalance of power and experience that makes relationships between young teens and adults inappropriate.Virtually all cases of Internet sex crimes involve youth 12 and up2. Younger children have much less interest than teens in interacting with and going to meet unknown persons they have encountered online.Avoid implying that the typical youngster vulnerable to online offenders is a young child.

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