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Jasper works in a coffee shop,where a dark haired admirer visits the same time everyday.

Draco goes to thank him despite him being in a coma and when he falls asleep next to Harry's bed, he appears in the Gryffindor dorms and that's where the story starts. He hopes to return to his vampire, to the love of his life, but will a certain pack of wolves let him? In a race against time to graduate with his class, Harry finds out more than he bargains for, and someone thought to be dead may hold all of the answers.Harry has certain issues that come to light but Snape wont care will he? How many times do you have to say goodbye until it feels real? One night at his favorite club, he meets an enigmatic man who rocks the world he has created. Jasper Whitlock made one mistake in his life, but he paid his debt to society. Mpreg , mentions abuse / rape, possible creature / empath Harry. Sebastian Cullen, known as the hybrid and miracle child of Edward and Isabella Cullen, lives with his grandparents because its the safest place for him. Il allait finir l'école et ne plus jamais le revoir. - COMPLETE/ Winner of Emerging Swan Award 2012 for Best Non-Cullen WIP! Now years later when their paths cross again, could the boy he once hated become the man he loves? His answer comes in the form of an unexpected child, one who comes to pull on Legolas' heart more powerfully than the call of the Sea ever could.They hate each other, and it's gonna stay that way right? Upon release from prison, he obeyed every rule, including the order to become a productive member of society. M/MAfter months of seeing Harry Potter walk into his Apothecary disappointed and hopeless, Draco offers to carry the baby that Harry can't. Hermione knew that Bellatrix would be after her so she was sent into hiding along with her adopted son, Teddy. Severus' Magical bond to Harry as a godfather is screaming at him to protect him. With a Ravenclaw oddity and a Slytherin prince, Harry takes seclusion in Forks, Washington, hoping to put the past behind him and move forward. Being lonely in this place, he doesn't know of the Quileutes being wolves, just that they despise him. Sauf qu'il ne s'attendait pas à devenir l'époux du brun... Lily Evans sends a letter to her son on his eleventh birthday, explaining that Severus Snape is his father. Response to Paladeus's challenge "Champions of Lilith". When they went to sleep, they hoped of a better future. (Part 1)One year after being accidentally bonded to each other, Harry and Draco are free to move on with their lives. This is the story of Harry's rediscovery of their journey and their relationship, of how he gets by (with a little help from his friends).original incompleta]; Edward y Bella se conocen en un bar, beben mas de la cuenta y congenian de inmediato. He now has to deal with this new troubling imprint and the upcoming danger the wolf pack and the cullens will face. Hermione Granger has just returned to England after spending the last four years in Paris to get away from her abusive ex.Bella, en un capricho le pide que se casen, pero es una pena que Edward no crea en el divorcio. Draco and Harry share a moment during the battle and something changes between them. This is a story about loss, the power of love, and relearning how to accept everything you are. Draco Malfoy y Hermione Granger son tan contrarios como la lija y el terciopelo, pero a pesar de las diferencias, los prejuicios y las presiones, a pesar de ellos mismos, algo nace entre los dos en su último años en Hogwarts...[Dramione]¡Completa! Will they find the answers they need to ending this war? When these two meet again through a surprising mutual friend, romance ensues and they might just get their happily ever after. Seth had only known about Vampires, mainly because he used to date one.

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