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Use the toolkit that he hands you, on the nearby cannon.You will need to match up three tools with the three mechanism parts to make it work.Agree to help him, and he will give you six replacement railings to use.The damaged railings around the complex are bent; repair these by inspecting the appropriate sections of railing. The six bars that need fixing will not be straight lines, making them stand out.The remains will not appear if you did not finish talking to Lawgof.Lawgof identifies the remains of Gilob, and tells you that Gilob had a son, Lollk.Captain Lawgof welcomes you and asks if you want to become an honorary member of the Black Guard, apparently the finest dwarven regiment which can only be joined by the best of the best.

To start the quest, you need to talk to Captain Lawgof.He is missing, and Lawgof deduces that he must have been taken by the goblins to their hideout.As the goblins keep coming from the south-east, Lawgof suggests you start there.If you have low combat levels, be sure to avoid the north passage as it houses level 44 giant bats.Take the north-west passage to the furthest room from the entrance as shown on the map.

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