Katrina kaif and ranbir kapoor dating lonelywife r u

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Ranbir and his recent "girlfriend" Katrina Kaif are spending their love moments now, though trying to avoid it from media.

Her modeling gained the attention of filmmaker Kaizad Gustad, who cast Katrina in 2003’s .

The Casanova, the heartthrob, Lover Boy – Ranbir Kapoor has been the star in the Indian cinema for a while.

This lover boy has huge female fans, who will go head over heels to marry him, including Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt.

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Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who was last seen in Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Raees, had recently found herself on the receiving end of slut-shaming after a few pictures of having a smoke with Ranbir Kapoor on the streets of New York City spread like wildfire on social media platforms.

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