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The small town country girl is drawn to Sakamoto Realties by their persuasive ad.Kenji Sakamoto helps her find her perfect place, but it wasn’t quite what she had in mind.When she refuses, she ends up blackmailed into taking the job anyway, given ‘an offer she couldn’t refuse’.Can she put aside her differences long enough to work with the police to solve the case?Michael has been using his sister for his own sexual pleasure for months now.Up until now, it’s been a completely run-of-the-mill experience..she’s suddenly started to realize how hot the whole situation is.Soon Kila finds herself caught in a strange web of control and love as her mind starts playing tricks on her.The electronic age brought new tools for Modern Woman.

and finds a machine that she can turn upon other girls to make a strange fantasy of hers come true. One sister returns for her and her twin sister’s birthday only to find her parents are out.Before even the vacuum cleaner or the electric iron came mechanical marvels which cured female hysteria without straining the Doctor’s wrist.And now the emancipated woman must make a choice about what to do with their newly-found free time.Miracle Maiden is in search of her sparing partner, Night Sparrow, who’s been missing for months.Will the new lead she’s chasing bring her closer to finding out what happened or take her even farther astray from the truth?

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